Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ABC's of Relationships

After my most resent question from a reader regarding relationships, he inspired me to create my own blog talking about the basics of relationships. I thought, why not? I have plenty of life experience of bad past relationships and I have a BA in Family Life Education, so naturally I am curious about what does make relationships work?

Through out the years of bad relationships, I have reflected back on what went wrong in my past relationships, examining both sides of the relationship. I wasn't looking for who was at fault, instead I was looking at what are my signals I need to stay away from in relationships, what are my weaknesses, what type of man do I typically fall for?

The current divorce rate is over fifty percent and it's time for us to do something about it. Do we really want to see our children grow up and fall down the same path of broken relations as we have? Whether it is your current relationship or future relationship it is time to examine ourselves and make changes with who we are as a person. Sometimes your partner grows with you or sometimes they don't, that is up to them what work they are willing to put into themselves and the relationship.

We all have our faults in relationships. If you want to start somewhere, yourself is the best place to start. Now, this does not make the person your in a relationship with more right than you or you more right in the relationship. Stop trying to be the winner!

We are going to strip our relationships right down to the core where it began. I do not claim to be a love guru or even an expert on relationships. I am just passing along information from someone who is on the outside looking in and who is walking on the same path of love. You are your own expert in your relationship. You just don't know it yet. 

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