Monday, September 3, 2012

B is for Be Active Listener & Behind Closed Doors

B is for Be an active listener and behind closed doors. Too many people engage in a disagreement with their partner and spend more of their time trying to prove their point and trying to win the conversation instead of listening to what their partner is trying to say to them. Carefully, listen to their point and thoughtfully respond to their point. Stop trying to be the winner, you may end up as the loser and lose the person you love.  There are no individual winners in a relationship, only winners as a couple. A relationship requires team work. You must work together as a team! Include your partner in any decision that will affect your relationship.

Behind closed doors. Keep your personal problems between you and your partner. Do not share you problems with someone on the outside unless you feel you are in danger from your partner. Do not point out your problems in relationships around other people. It is only going to bring resentment into your relationship.  Not only is it degrading to your partner, it can seriously damage your relationship beyond repair. 

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